What Is Shopping Cart Abandonment And How To Fight It?



Abandonment is basically an e-commerce term, which defines the number of people visiting your website and leaves it before making the final purchase. In simple words, people who visit your e-commerce website added their chosen item into the cart, but leave the web page before purchasing. Here are the ways you can combat the problem, so, let’s have a look at them. 

Build Trust In Your Transaction Forms: In an order to increase your conversion rate or to prevent the shopping abandonment, you need to make your transaction forms as transparent as possible, so, they won’t disappoint the visitors. Make sure you ask for the information, which is necessary and not more than that, so, it’ll reduce their checkout fear and increase your conversion. 

Reduce Price Shock: Another way to prevent shopping cart abandonment is by not giving your visitors unnecessary cost shock. Make sure the price you post on your page is the same at the time of checkout; unexpected or hidden cost may ruin their faith and never let them shop from your website. 

Simplify Navigation: If you actually want to prevent the shopping cart abandonment, you should make the path of your final product easier for your customers. Simple navigation takes them to the right place and increases your conversion rate as well. 

Gamified Don’t Leave My Website Pop: Talk with ConnectLabs on how we can help stop cart abandonment by applying a gamified opportunity to keep consumers engaged and shopping on your website. 

These are a few ways you can fight the problem of shopping cart abandonment. Consult ConnectLabs professional assistants today to get the answers you need.