Every game is fully branded!  You get complete control for prize / coupon / points distribution.  You may collect data or not, use a Play Code to only allow players with a valid code to play.  We offer Fraud Protection to protect your game from abuse using Play Rules. Send players an email or SMS. Automate data to over 500 online applications using Zapier.  Optionally put a unique code number or barcode into every email and lots of other things.

We’ve listened to our clients over the years and passionately never stop enhancing our marketing products. Most advanced options and systems you won’t see on the website, but we can do crazy cool things!  Please contact us to discuss your needs. We work closely with you every step of the way.

A few primary features of our systems

Contact Data Collection system up to eight fields, or none
Send a fully branded email to all players
Use your own SMTP for sending emails to players
Unique Play Code/Validation Code to Play
Display Unique Coupon Codes in every email
Fraud protection with play rules such as: One play per IP address, One play per day email address and many others
Offer from one prize level to all five
Queue games behind each other
Full-Screen Display for computers and tablets
Mobile/Tablet Compatible
Data Automation to other applications
Redirect to a URL after play
Pass data into a game from a variable URL
Receipt number promotions
Points Game using an email address for calculations
New! SMS to Screen Engagement
Kiosk with Printing
Display Coupon Codes On-Screen
Interactive Advertisements
Off-line random games
Surveys with Incentives and ask about “Predictive Prizing”
…and a bunch of others features

With so many options and our solid technology, we can help you make your promotion even better. Let’s talk about it!