We offer multiple types of Code promotions.  Our technology allows various systems to handle incoming codes and outgoing codes.

Example of incoming codes  

Typically called Play Codes, also Token Code or Promo Code.  The Play Code allows a unique code that has been previously uploaded in our system in which you distribute to players and they may enter into a game that will allow a single play. Most often used for Sales Promotions. Sale X and receive a Play Code for a chance to win the grand prize the more you sell the more codes you get and a better chance at winning. This is a great opportunity for large sales companies like car dealerships, insurance companies, MLM companies to offer a gamified incentive to sell more.  

Another example could be a player enters a receipt number for an entry to play. We can error check to make sure that receipt number hasn’t been used in the past and will block the play. This type of gaming can be used to track marketing to an ROI. We track the code from the time it is received till the time it is redeemed. Full circle marketing tracking back to an ROI. 

Examples of Outgoing Codes

We call this the barcode game.  Our technology allows us to align up to two specific codes to be outputted in an email or via a variable URL based on the prize level that player has won. This again allows us to track your marketing in a way that lets you know what it cost to target, engage and turn a lead into a brand fan.

To take it a step further we pull from the same cell of both bar code fields for a fully controlled result of aligning codes.  You have a choice of an actual Bar Code image or use digits in alphanumeric letter-number combination. All createing a better markeitng tracking system.

These are sophisticated applications that require conversations in order to implement. Car dealerships, insurance companies, sales teams, and more. Call 1-701-484-2772 to chat with us about your concepts. A play code example would be as follows:

The customers will receive a trackable play code similar to the ones below or custom. They then go to your website or brick-and-mortar location to enter the code to spin and win:  


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