You’d think this is obvious for any company, right?

Well, back in the day, you could sometimes get away with a mediocre product if you just marketed it enough.

For example, Coca-Cola introduced lots of other soft drinks over the years like Sprite and Fanta.  Most of them didn’t taste as good as Coke.

(And, do any of you remember the new coke?)


But, through extensive (and expensive) advertising, they made them popular, and now they litter the drink aisle at grocery stores alongside Coke itself.

Doing this today would be much harder, as word about a new product spreads extremely

quickly. If your product is bad, the world will know it faster than you can imagine.

For example, when United Airlines workers were passing luggage to one another by throwing it around in 2009, they ended up breaking a customer’s guitar.

They admitted to doing it, but they refused to compensate the guy for his loss.

And what was the result? Not one, but three songs, including videos, came out about crappy United Airlines service.

The first one has gathered 15 million views so far:

That’s pretty bad PR for United. If your product sucks, it can disappear in less time than it took you to build it.

What’s the solution to this? It’s simple: Get feedback. Engage your customers.

Do you want to know more about how you can get feedback from your target market?  Get in touch—we’d love to connect!

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