This restaurant promotion is highly effective. Use the Virtual Prize Wheel in your current advertising that is circulating. People will notice a chance to win a $25.00 Gift Card by playing virtual prize wheel at your social profile, website or display in your location. Offer a cup of soup, a free drink, whatever food product you can afford to give away to motivate players to become customers. This restaurant promotion will also help you build your email and SMS marketing list very quickly.

Virtual Prize Wheel


Capture data email addresses, phone numbers, favorite items of players and more.

Fun for any promotion or event.

Drive traffic to your website or social profile with the incentive of winning a prize.

Increase Brand awareness and engagement with contests.

Our Games used for on eCommerce platforms as a gamified pop up that we call Don’t Leave My Website. The exit popup offers the customers a chance to win a big prize for information if they try to leave your website without buying something.

Boost foot traffic into your physical location

Can be used to fill in slow business days

(Example: Prizes can be redeemed Monday thru Thursday)

More engagement for websites or Trade Shows

Fun brand engagement

Promote new product and or services

Affordable for any business

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