Here’s what we’ll cover in this walk-through:

Creating a gamified qualified lead magnet

Using gamified popups

Testing and nurturing

Automating the process

If you own and operate a gym then you know how important it is to be constantly finding new members. Sadly, people quit going to the gym all the time — and you need to find new people to take their place. But you’re not a marketer. You don’t have the time or money to be cold calling and reaching out to people.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a process that automatically captures and qualifies leads for you,

something you could have set-up for you and forget’? Even better.

ConnectLabs will set up a gamified qualified lead generator based on your needs for the right customer. This will help you reach the target online market. You’ll be able to easily set a process to capture qualified leads for your gym and retarget them.

Creating a Valuable Qualified Lead Magnet

First, what is a Gamified Qualified Lead Magnet?

A Gamified Qualified Lead Magnet is something of value that your site visitor and social media friends can engage with in exchange for their lead information. When someone interacts with your social profile, your social ad, your website we offer them a chance to win something in exchange for information about there needs or goals or something simple like their email address or phone number. They then will receive something in return — a “magnet” for qualified leads.

A Valuable Qualified Lead Magnet sounds great and all, but what exactly should I offer?

A free trial to your gym of course! Well, that’s a start but you and every other gym owner are offering that. What can you offer me to get me into to your gym? What are my goals? What are my likes? The point is you need information before you just offer consumers anything. A better way to approach this would be to get a sense of the fitness experience or goal the consumer is trying to achieve. By just offering a free trial to your gym you may gain a few members that will quit after a while, which means you have to go find a replacement. Now, I bet that process is getting old, its cash flow but old. Maybe start by offering a free consultation on achieving their goals so you can better understand their needs. This way people can check out your equipment, speak to your staff, and see why your gym is the best in the area. Now reward them for the information and time they will spend to learn why your gym is the right fit!

The process of figuring out the automated lead generating questions goes something like this:

You can attribute a lot of great relationships to perfect timing. When you connect with the right person at the right time, everything seems to just fit. This is especially true for sales. Connecting with your lead too early means they won’t be ready to buy.

But if you wait too long, they may have moved on to a competitor. Unfortunately, finding the perfect time to connect with a customer is complicated. It’s not like you can set a timer that will ding when they’re ready to connect or can you?

Instead, you need to qualify your leads yourself. It’s always important to connect with your leads to figure out where they’re at in the buying process. Asking questions, getting feedback, and building a relationship can set you on the right path for being available when they’re ready to buy. If you automate the process you stay ready!

The process of designing the offer goes something like this:

To start you need to contact ConnectLabs to discuss designing your Gamified Automated Lead Generator

First, you want to figure out what your lead questions are. What do you need to know from the consumer to qualify the lead?  ConnectLabs can help with that process.

Second, figure out what 5 products or services you want to offer as a reward. Making the top prize a must have (1-year free gym membership, free fit bit, something a person going to the gym would want to win etc.. (ConnectLabs can help with that process)

Third, how many of each prize do you want to give away? (ConnectLabs can help with that process)

Fourth, you control the odds! You will work with one of ConnectLabs team members to help you score your lead questions to reward the right leads with the right price. a good leads get a better prize and the lowered scoring leads get a prize to draw them into your business. ( 10% off, Month free, free shirt etc..) everyone gets something for engaging and giving info.

5th, ConnectLabs can place a custom built gamified lead generator on Google, Facebook, your website, digital displays or in partnership with other health and wellness profiles. So let’s figure out where your target market is a give them a chance to win time at your gym.

6th, After someone engages with a game and wins a prize they are sent an automatic text with the prize and a timeline to redeem it. The great thing about this is that if it cost a gym owner .25 cents to target that customer and the customer comes in to redeem the prize and signs up the business now has just track that lead from engagement to an ROI.

7th, basically you collect their contact information and sell them on a membership. They become a member of your gym, Jackpot.

There is more to the process but this is the overview to learn more contact ConnectLabs today.

The great thing about our gamified automated lead generator is A/B testing, which offers are getting engagement. What that means is it’s not the only lead magnet game you can offer. The goal is to get people through the door so that you can interact with them in person and collect their information. Then you can contact them further down the road and convert them into a paying member.

Here are some other lead magnet ideas you could use:

Free fitness assessment — “Come in and we’ll assess your fitness level and tell you how you should be training.”

Free personal training session — “Come in and experience a full personal training session with one of our knowledgeable training staff members.”

Free nutrition planning — “Come in a receive a free nutrition assessment and plan from our fitness experts.”

Free goal assessment — “Come in and tell us about your fitness goals and we’ll tell you how to get there.”

Free workout plan — “Come in a tell us about your goals and we’ll devise a workout plan perfectly tailored for your goals.”

Free couple’s workout — “Come in with a workout partner and both of you can workout for free.”

Free branded swag — “Come in for a free trial and receive a free branded shirt.”

Contest entry — “Come in and activate a free trial pass and get a second chance to spin and win ______________.”

Using A Gamified Don’t Leave My Website Popup On Your Website

ConnectLabs we also create the first ever gamified don’t leave my website popup. After having our don’t leave gameified popup installed on your website it can do wonders for your lead generation because they command action.

By using something like an entry popup, which displays immediately when the visitor arrives enticing them with a prize to get them to make a decision, everyone can be alerted to your free trial pass promotion. Rather than having a small passive ad promoting your free trial pass on the sidebar, a gamified popup will take engagement to the next level.

Other types of pop-ups include:

Timed popup — Displays after a set period of time on the page.

Scroll popup — Displays after the user scrolls a set amount of the page.

Click popup — Displays after the user clicks on something linked to the pop-up.

Exit popup — Displays when the user goes to exit or close the page.

Testing and Nurturing

Once we’ve set up our gamified automated lead magnet for your ads and installed a popup on your website you’re good to go. After a set period of time, let’s say three months, we can modify an element on the gaming platform and the popup to see if that increases or decreases the number of leads you receive.

This is called A/B testing, and it’s a crucial element of our Automated Lead Magnet strategy. It will make the process smarter. 

To A/B test your social games and popups we will try changing things like the copy, the imagery, or even the lead magnet. See what performs best for the audience you serve and go with the winner.

The information you collect with your games and popups will continue to grow and develop. When you decide to run more promotions you’ll be able to alert your email or text list with updates based on their engagement and feedback. This is called better-engaged customer relationship management.

Going forward and nurturing the list of contacts you’ve gathered will undoubtedly have positive rewards. ConnectLabs helps automate your engagement with your email and text list. People who are on the fence can be influenced by further communication with your business.

A summer promotion, for example, can be exactly what someone was waiting for. The key is to keep your gym in the mind of your leads. connectLabs can also add automating sharing health and fitness tips or advice with your email and text list based on their engagement with your brand. This a great way to keep in touch. Eventually, when they are ready to sign up at a gym, yours will be the first to come to mind.

Do you want to know more?  Get in touch—we’d love to connect!

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