Use This Automotive Dealer Interactive Promotion To:

Drive People Into Your Website or Automotive Dealer Showroom

Acquire Leads of Buyers

Incentive-Based Marketing for Customers or Employees

Improve Advertising Response Rates

Endless Creative Marketing Possibilities

Create gamified sales incentives for your sales team

Any Automotive Dealer will benefit using a Virtual Prize Wheel or other interactive marketing games we build. This an incentive-based promotion and a very creative tool for both small and large businesses. Virtual games work in various ways to change consumer behavior driving current and or potential customers to your website, social profile or physical location by giving them the opportunity to win prizes and savings. Games can run from your website / mobile phone, web-capable display screens, the point of purchase counter, trade show event, or retail kiosk. With all our interactive games, you set the odds, the quantity, and prizes or coupon types.

Games are everywhere because they work for businesses of every size.

Drive the Technology

Try our Demonstrations to fully understand the power of the Virtual Prize Wheels

No Data Collection Virtual Prize Wheel Example
Fill your Automotive Dealer  Virtual Prize Wheel with valuable prizes or savings and offer this game on a big screen monitor. This can be a great point of sale promotion for additional savings, or perhaps at a company function where everyone gets a Spin on the Wheel!

Data Collection Virtual Prize Wheel Example
This Automotive Dealer  Virtual Prize Wheel is working 24/7 acquiring names, email addresses, phone numbers and more of consumers that are familiar with your brand from your website or social profile. Use this tool to drive people into your showroom with both prizes or savings. There are many types of promotions that can be created.

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