This Will Be A Work In Progress And We May Never Have A Million, But As You, Will See There Is An Unlimited Amount Of Promotions To Build Brand Awareness For Any Business Using Our Controlled Marketing Games.

Add a game to a website and find out who is visiting.

Use game leads in your email marketing lists.

Brand Engagement with a game for new or current client base.

Run a game for any promotion or event.

Drive traffic into your website with the incentive of winning a prize.

Increase click through and advertising response rates using a game.

Improve Sales with incentives using Play Codes.

Have your game distribute coupon codes for an eCommerce store.

Offer a game incentive to boost foot traffic into your physical location.

Benefit clients with engaging a positive brand experience.

Raise awareness and promote new products or services.

Add incentive element to client surveys with the incentive of a prize.

Reward customers for loyalty and keep them connected.

Have a game at the checkout area and start collecting contact information an increase frequency with a coupon.

Have a game that offers discounts on specific brands and gives away overstock products.

Supercharge your staff with contests. When they reach a goal they then receive a spin on the prize wheel.

Create a referral or bring-a-friend program when goals are reached the referring client receives a chance to play a game.

Offer the virtual prize wheel on your Facebook and increase Likes.

Use the chance of winning a prize in your traditional advertising to generate an increased response rate.

Use it to encourage Gift Card sales from your website. Buy a Gift Card get a chance to win.

Partner with distributors or like businesses and everyone will benefit from a controlled interactive promotion.

Give away tickets for events, people are likely to want to bring a friend. The friend will have to pay for their own ticket and will offset the give-a-way.

Pre-Grand Opening give-a-ways to get a jump start on future sales.

Salespersons can offer potential clients an incentive to buy using a game.

Buy X and receive a play code for a chance to win

Offer a play code to play a game for a good review on Yelp.

Print business cards with a play code and a URL and give the cards to your very best clients.

Use an SMS version of a game to collect mobile numbers.

Set up a kiosk game that will print what they won and additional coupon offers.

Immediate Customer Loyalty program to reward on the spot.

Increase survey submissions with redirecting to a game

Motivate a good review with a reward of playing a game

This is a work in progress!

Do you want to know more?  Get in touch—we’d love to connect!

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