Everyone is looking at their phone, why not give them something fun to do? Most mobile marketing schemes are not about the user. Watch a video, Like us on Facebook? What’s in it for the end user? Very little!

Everyone like a chance to win something, it’s a fact! Our mobile marketing game is simple! We design it, you set the specific inventory of prizes or coupons, create an email or text of how to redeem what they win and let them play. There’s nothing they need to download because it runs in every mobile web browser. You also control the odds. Once the Grand prize is won, that’s it, it won’t give it away again.

People play more mobile games than doing anything else, it’s that simple. By the way, while people are actually having fun with your brand, you are building your email and SMS marketing list. Much quicker than any other method! Did I say simple?

It wasn’t so simple to develop which is probably why you haven’t seen these high tech mobile marketing games until now. We have refined the latest mobile technologies with controlled gaming.

You are now a witness to the first interactive mobile game of its kind. This mobile game has amazing sound, will re-size to any web browser for a perfect fit every time. Do you want a custom game for your business without the cost of an app?

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